We truly believe that online ads work when it is shown in the right place, at the right time and carry the right message to the right person.

That’s why we create flexible, functional and user-friendly tool that provides marketing professionals and advertising agencies a full and transparent access to all programmatic inventory and data exchanges available on the Russian market, that allows to target the advertising impact as accurately as possible.


Core Features

Every second we process more than 10,000 ad opportunities. Thanks to our machine learning algorithms the platform chooses the most valuable opportunity for the each particular customer and place the bid on. The value of bid is calculated from a combination of advertiser’s purpose and a mix of parameters from current campaign, website and the particular website visitor. Advertising expenses are being optimized at every single impression level.

Maximum Reach

Run both a wide reach and precise targeted campaigns. We are integrated with all major traffic exchanges.

Self Service

Run ads in your personal account yourself and monitor your campaigns yield in real time.

Helpful Support

Feel free to Contact us with any questions, we will help to quickly deal with difficult situations and share the secrets of running successful campaigns.

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy numerous advertising capabilities, packed in simple, easy-to-use and intuitive interface.


Boost your advertising effectiveness by using the interest segments from the leading data providers integrated into the platform, create your own self-defined custom audience segments, take advantage of the fully transparent pricing.

True DSP

Experience dealing with the true DSP: complete self-service, real-time reporting, total transparency and no websites affiliation - that's the ingredients of the secret sauce.


Full Transparency

All auctions at a glance - complete and actual information on pricing, traffic, bids, wins, users and websites without any distortion.

Real-time Statistics

Forget about the long wait, track the progress of your campaigns and optimize them in real-time, respond faster and waste less ad spend.

Detailed Reporting

Don’t worry any longer about where your ads are running. Kavanga provides complete visibility and analytics across numerous reporting layers.

Full Procurement Details

Possess complete and accurate knowledge about which users you buy, where you buy them and at what cost.

Platform Fixed Fee

Plan your spend with a fixed transparent fee for the purchased inventory, no monthly minimum and no hidden fees.


Campaigns management

Kavanga platform offers you handy tools for quick launch and easy conducting campaigns.

Banner Templates

Create banner templates for easy re-use in various campaigns using modern HTML5-banners to work properly in any browsers.

Clone Campaigns

Save time by using cloning campaigns, which includes both the cloning of all settings and banners.

Batch Operations

Increase the efficiency of campaign management, massively changing the priority, status, links in banners and tracking pixels.

Monitor Banners On Websites

Quickly find the required banner placement on the website to make sure the campaign is running properly thanks to a special algorithm that displays selected banner in the first place.

Outside Observers Access

Grant special read-only access to reporting for those who do not run a campaign, but lively interests in its results.

Forecasting Available Inventory

Explore entire inventory volumes available on the market, learn its cost in different formats, geo regions and categories.



Advertising is worthless without effectiveness. Try out the solutions for tracking and optimizing the performance of your campaigns.

Frequency Capping

Limit the number of impressions and clicks to be delivered to each visitor personally based on the objectives and budget of the campaign.

Budget Limits

Set general and daily budgets, control the speed of delivering ads. The platform watches closely to ensure that every penny is working as hard as possible.

Daytime and Weekday

Some campaigns are performing better at a certain time of the day. Use the hourly reports to analyze and set targeting to the corresponding periods.

Post-click analytics

Track the effectiveness of creatives and landing pages using post-click analysis metrics: bounce rate, viewing depth, time spent on the website and objectives.


Use single tag for various types of goals: by URL, by the page title, by the time spent on the website, by the number of pages viewed.

Automated optimization

Watch how smart click predictor which is built on the principles of machine learning increases CTR without your intervention.

Brand Safety

Monitor the viewability of your ads, target on websites with transparent domains, protect your brand by using black and white lists of websites.

Click Anti Fraud

Be sure that not a single bot will trespass, your clicks are in complete safety.


Targeting Options

Precise targeting options enable exact hit your target audience.


Return visitors, who have already visited your website before, configure individual offers they won’t be able to refuse.


Choose an audience from a long predefined list or create a new unique one based on its behavior, find the right audience for your very business.


Use the high-precision geo-targeting by countries, counties, regions, and cities. Combine and excludes regions to accurately hit the target.


Choose websites thats suits you, manage the site list during the campaign is running in order to optimize the results.


Advertise not only on regular computers, but also on smartphones and tablets, select browsers, operating systems and devices you need to show ads on.


Target on IP-addresses ranges, create block or allow lists.


Advanced Features

If you have special needs, we will modify the programmatic platform for you.

3rd-party Tags And Tracking Pixels Support

Use the third-party ad server tags for showing creatives or for a centralized collection of statistics, we support all known advertising technologies.

Programmatic Premium and Direct Deals

Place your ads on selected top-tier publishers and reach exclusive audience thanks to the mechanism of direct deals also known as Deal ID.


Refer to Kavanga API to automate campaigns launch, ad management or statistics collection within your own software or service.

Custom Audiences

Create new audiences, add and delete particular users into the collection using pixels, called in required moments of time.

Split Testing

Split users into isolated groups and run campaigns targeted on them, excluding mutual influence on each other.

Data Export

Download your data from any reports for more dense work with them.

Create Your Own Private Network

Build your private network to leverage special conditions of media purchase.


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